OPHC Analysis


$OPHC triggered a NH Million Alert ( New High Million Alert).  This alert triggers when a stock is near to the previous high. This was a poor alert since volume was low and the spike had already occurred. 


Looking at resistance and support values

20ma  - Not applicable, the stock was above the moving averages. 

50ma - Not applicable, the stock was above the moving averages. 

Whole numbers - This is applicable, The stock failed around the $4.00 area initially and subsequently 3 on a bounce above vwap.

Previous price failures. - To a certain degree there had been a lot of resistance in the 4 area on the 1 year daily.

VWAP -  This is applicable, the stock tanked so hard once it broke vwap if you were long that was the point to cut losses. 

Wicking - Applicable to a certain degree.


As a swing candidate, similar to the CLNT alert the stock, 5 days after this alert the stock ran from $3 to $14.