Day Trading Machine

Automated Stock Alert System

100% Automated Stock Alert System

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WARNING : 9 out of 10 daytraders lose money !

Studies show that 90% of daytraders will lose 90% of their money in 90 days.

We advise anyone trading these alerts, always bank profits and cut losses quickly.

If you are new to trading we would advise paper trading the alerts.  

Trading The Alerts explained

If you want to understand the type of alerts and an explanation for each alert...

What else should I know?

We strongly advise to not trade these alerts if you are a novice or using these alerts as investment advice.  



Most of the stocks alerted by the system are extremely volatile and we do not advise a buy and hold strategy. 

Some of these alerted stocks have eventually gone bankrupt and you may lose all your money.

If you do trade these alerts we advise paper trading them initially.